Young Savers

Junior Savers Week is launched today

Junior Savers Week has launched today! The week-long campaign (September 20th – 26th) aims to raise awareness about the importance of teaching children the value of money, and encouraging kids to save.

During the week, credit unions will be running a number of initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of children saving. Credit unions will also raise awareness of the campaign by sharing helpful advice for parents – across informational leaflets, websites and on their social media channels.

Studies* show that giving kids hands-on, real-world experience with money is essential to prepare them financially for adulthood. Teaching children the value of money is a real benefit to them in the future and habits learned from an early age last a lifetime.

In a focus group of Irish parents conducted by the Irish League of Credit Unions and insights company Parents and Brands,* many parents confirmed that physical experiences – like putting coins in piggy bank or savings account, or shopping with a list, was the best way to teach children about money.

Junior Savers Reward Scheme

Opening up a credit union account for children is a simple process and credit unions will be welcoming all new junior saver members throughout the week to enjoy the fun and activity.

As part of the week, many credit unions are launching a Junior Savers Reward Scheme. Junior Savers Sticker cards will be made available for young members allowing them to track their saving journey. Each time a child lodges money into their credit union account, a sticker will be placed on their card, and a reward given once they complete it.

The Credit Union runs events throughout the year for our younger members

Art, colouring and photography competitions amongst others are run for our younger members throughout the year, so keep an eye on social media and posters in the office for the next fun competition.  Have a look at this great video about why saving is important!

Top Tips for becoming a Gr8 Saver!