CU Access Account

Kells Credit Union is pleased to inform you that we are now part of the Irish Banking Clearing System, the same system that clears funds for all financial institutions. As part of our membership of the clearing system we have introduced the CU Access Account which gives you greater access and greater flexibility to use your money. Funds in and out of your CU Access Account take just two working days to process, the same processing time as all financial institutions.

  • Receive Electronic Payments directly to your account, eg Payroll, Social
  • Welfare, Banking 365
  • Receive your wages/salary directly from your employer
  • Pay bills to all service providers eg, Phone, Gas, Electricity, Mortgage, Rent.
  • Withdraw Funds, Transfer online or through the offices at Kells Credit Union

Member Benefits

  • Repay your credit union loan and save using this facility
  • Online access to your account to monitor your balances
  • Secure reliable and convenience way to pay your household bills
  • Remember with our current account you have

No Fee, No Charges, No Hassle

You can lodge or withdraw funds to and from your CU Access Account regardless of any savings or loans you may have. Funds in yourCU Access Account do not qualify for dividend and/or insurance. The onus is on you, the member, to ensure that you have sufficient funds in yourCU Access Account to pay bills or withdraw funds.

Is there a charge for this service ?

Kells Credit Union will absorb the fees and transaction charges on behalf of our members. However, if the setup and operating costs of offering this service increase, Kells Credit Union reserves the right to charge members a fee for such service in the future.

Kells Credit Union Sort Code: 99 10 21 for your unique eight digit account number this appears on members receipts, member statements, and through your online account access at . You can also obtain your eight digit account number at office of Kells Credit Union or by simply phoning our office on 046 9240299.