Cultivate Farming News Update

4 July, 2023

Moorepark 2023 open day

The Moorepark open day takes place tomorrow, 4 July with the theme of Moorepark 2023 being “Securing a Sustainable Future”.

There are four main boards at the event which are focused on:

  • The Sustainability Challenge
  • Profitable Systems
  • Breeding and Reproduction
  • Sustainable Grassland Production

Mowing permitted in ACRES

Mowing/topping grasslands under a number of actions in ACRES is now permitted.

These include extensively-grazed pasture and low-input grassland (LIG), low-input peat grassland (LIPG) and management of intensive grassland next to a watercourse.

Reduction in calf birth registrations

Calf birth registrations are running 23,968 head lower in 2023 when compared to 2022 figures according to Irish Cattle Breeders Federation (ICBF).

This reduction is made up of an increase of 21,196 head of dairy births while calf birth registrations for beef cows is running 45,164 head lower.

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