Fees & Charges

At St. Colmcille’s (Kells) Credit Union Limited, we are delighted to offer you a complete range of products and a high standard of service with minimal cost.

However we are required to pass on some charges to our members in relation to certain services particularly where we incur a cost from our providers. At St Colmcilles (Kells) Credit Union we do our best to keep these costs as low as possible whilst offering most services absolutely free!

Please see full breakdown on charges below:

General Account Fees 

Member Statement – Free

Cert of Interest – Free

Membership Fee on Joining – €0.65

Historic Transaction Search – €10

ILCU Affiliation per Annum – €0.90

EFT & Bill Fees

Credit Transfer Outward (Bill Pay, eCheque) – Free

Credit Transfer Inward (Payroll, social welfare) – Free

Internal Transfers – Free

CU Online Fees

CU Online Registration – Free

PIN/Password re-issue – Free

Online Credit Transfer (Bill Pay, echeque etc) – Free

Direct Debit Fees

Unpaid Direct Debit – Free

Direct Debit Set up – Free

Cheques Issued   

Cheques Issued Fee – Free*

Stop Cheque Fee – €5.08

Cheque & Coin Lodgement             

Cheque Lodge Fee – Free*

Unpaid/Returned Cheque Fee – €3.30

Full Bags of Coin – 3% per lodgement

Foreign Exchange Commision

Buy Note/Cheque Commission 1% – (min €1.00 – max €6.35)

Sell Note/Cheque Commission 1% – (min €1.00 – max €6.35)

No Commission for Over 65’s

CU Access Account

€15 per Quarter

No fee for under 16s and over 65’s

*Depositing Cheques

*First 12 Cheques in a calendar month are FREE

*€0.60 per cheque thereafter in that calendar month.

*Members who withdraw 3 or more cheques per transaction will be charged €1 per cheque issued

If you require any further information, please contact on 046-9240299 or visit our office.