Personal Microfinance

  • The prospective borrower must be a member of the credit union. 
  • Repayment frequency will be weekly in line with the social welfare payment
  • Loans can be repaid early without penalty.
  • Loans can be for any provident and productive purpose.
  • Except for exceptional circumstances, at the credit union discretion, a member cannot apply for a top-up until at least 50% of the existing loan has been repaid. The original loan plus top-up will not exceed €2,000. Any top-up will be deemed a second loan for credit history purposes.
  • This category of loan will have a separate loan sub-type to ensure that these loans are separately identifiable and separately reported.
  • The minimum loan will be €100. The maximum loan will be €2,000.
  • The minimum loan term will be one month, the maximum term will be 24 month
  • Very competitive interest rates offered

We are Local, Loyal and Lending, please contact us on 046-9240299, apply on-line at Cu Mobile or pick up a Loan pack in the office.