Get Fit Financially

Congratulations, you have just taken the first step in Managing Your Money Better!


Put your finances through some paces

Choose a workout that best suits your circumstances:

1. Healthy Debt

Need to tone up and learn how to manage your money better?

Healthy Debt means that although you are managing your finances fine and are able to pay your bills you wouldn’t mind toning up your overall finances, see where you can make savings and manage your money better.

2. Overweight Debt

Overindulged in debt and need a programme to get in shape?

Do you find it difficult to meet your repayments? Are you surviving with little or no money left for anything else?
This programme involves doing a Complete Health Check and looking at ways to reassess your debt and get back on track.

3. Out of Control Debt

Multiple Debts? Get rid of the bulge and get help to take control.

For Multiple Debts which are out of control you will need the help of a Personal Trainer in the form of professional guidance and advice.